Turkish embassy in Moscow attacked with stones by angry protesters

MOSCOW: Russian protesters have pelted the Turkish embassy in Moscow with eggs and smashed its windows in an angry demonstration following the downing of a plane. Vladimir Putin warned of “serious consequences” over Turkey’s decision to shoot down the Su-24, which passed into Turkish airspace for 17 seconds while conducting bombing missions in neighbouring Syria on Tuesday. Demonstrators gathered outside the embassy on Tuesday night and hundreds of people massed again today, brandishing posters with slogans including “backstab Russia and we will not forgive” and “Turkey = ISIS”. One poster branded him “ErdoganLaden”, in a reference to the late al-Qaeda leader, while others called him a “killer”. Police cleared the area in the early afternoon and several arrests were made. The Prime Minister defended the action yesterday and said he would not hesitate to take all steps to protect the country's security, calling it Turkey's “national duty.” One of the two pilots, Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Peshkov, was killed by anti-Assad rebels who opened fire as they parachuted to the ground. He has posthumously been made a Hero Of The Russian Federation. Reference: Independent.co