Does Hashim Amla play with fasting during Ramzan?

Does Hashim Amla play with fasting during Ramzan?

ISLAMABAD - South Africa's opening batsman Hashim Amla is a devout Muslim and has always been vocal about the affect religious activities have on his state of mind and performance.

The South African star believes that fasting is one of the best exercises in the world as it is not only a mental exercise but also helps in his conditioning.

“Yeah it [fast] really helps in my conditioning. Fasting is something I always look forward to. It’s probably the best month of the year for me,” said Amla. “Whenever we are playing cricket at the time especially during training sessions, physically yes you do feel hungry and thirsty but for me it’s a great mental exercise. But most importantly it’s a great spiritual exercise as well.”

The right-handed batsman also stated that it was ‘lovely’ to finally arrive in England and start their World Cup campaign.