KPK Provincial Assembly scores century of legislation    

KPK Provincial Assembly scores century of legislation    

PESHAWAR: (APP) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Friday released performance report on completion of third parliamentary year.

According to the report, the provincial assembly during last three years has made century in legislation and carried proceedings for 102 days.

During the third parliamentary year, a total of 29 bills were introduced in the house out of which 24 were passed and the remaining were referred to select committee of the house, which are still under consideration.

Similarly, during the period 15 private member bills were also tabled in the house, out of which 3 were adopted while a huge 1112 questions were raised in the house in which 965 were disposed of. Sobia Shahid of the PML-N submitted the highest number of questions.

A total of 247 call attention notices were also presented and ministers gave their stance on 33 of them while 61 adjournment motions were also received by the assembly during the third parliamentary year of the august house.