Pakistan China takes important decisions over Aviation Industry upgrade

Pakistan China takes important decisions over Aviation Industry upgrade

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan and China have mutually agreed on extending their bilateral relations and to work collectively in different areas particularly in aviation sector for the betterment of Pakistan International Airlines and aviation division.

Different matters relating to mutual cooperation in different sectors came under discussion in a meeting between Advisor to Prime Minister on Aviation Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan and Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing here Monday. Senior officials of aviation division were also present on this occasion. Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan apprised the ambassador regarding the steps taken by the incumbent government for the uplift of aviation industry.

It was mutually decided to extent the cooperation for the development of airport projects and enhancement of air travel facilities in view of phenomenal growth of business opportunities between two countries. Advisor to PM appreciated the Chinese cooperation for the construction and development of Gwadar Airport project under the exceptional project of CPEC.

Both sides also discussed technical cooperation in the field of aviation particularly development of new maintenance repair overhaul facility to provide aircraft maintenance and engineering services to Pakistani and regional airlines. Advisor to PM also sought cooperation of china for the upgrade of early warning system to improve weather forecasting system.

During the meeting, Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan said that China and Pakistan are bosom friends and this strategic partnership is unique in many ways and both countries have undoubtedly supported each other through thick and thin. He further expressed that hearts are always connected with each other and this relationship is gaining strength with every passing day.

Both sides affirmed to strengthen the regional cooperation and bilateral relations to ensure the prosperity and sustainable development of aviation sector.

Chinese Ambassador expressed that the cooperation of both countries in the aviation sector will continue and warmly assured to collaborate in different projects to further stimulate this relation and to collaborate in aviation sector particularly for the betterment of different departments of PIA including IT, and engineering setup, latest radar system and warning system of weather forecast.

Chinese Ambassador, Yao Jing assured his support and affirmed that China is willing to further work closely with Pakistan in aviation field. He appreciated the endeavors taken by the Advisor. APP