Mumbai emerging as new RAPE capital of India

Mumbai emerging as new RAPE capital of India

MUMBAI - Crimes against women are going up in Maharashtra, where 12 women were raped and 30 molested every day in 2017.

Mumbai emerging as new rape capital which accounted for one-fifth of rapes. One in six molestation cases was registered in the metropolis last year.

The grim statistics compiled by the State Crime Records Bureau shows that 4,356 women were raped and 12,238 women were molested last year. A total of 32,100 crimes against women were reported in the state. Over 2,300 children were raped in the state in 2017.

What is more surprising is kidnapping and abduction cases of women in the state has increased in the span of last three years from 5,090 cases in 2015 to 7,113 in 2017. Dowry deaths saw a welcome decline last year compared with the year before.

Serving and former police officers termed the spike in the numbers a positive sign.

"What has happened is the interpretation of the people has changed. Earlier in most of the cases when the crime took place, the women used to be afraid to go to police stations and report the matter however our awareness campaigns have been successful as the victims have started coming forward to register complaints," said former senior IPS officer and lawyer YP Singh.