Mobile Broadband Speed: Where does Pakistan stand?

Mobile Broadband Speed: Where does Pakistan stand?

ISLAMABAD- Pakistan was ranked 92nd in mobile broadband download speed, Sri Lanka 82nd, China 26th, Bangladesh 115th and Nepal 118th.

India is ranked 109th for mobile internet speeds in February, according to internet speed testing analysis firm Ookla.

"As of February, the Index ranks India 67th for fixed broadband speeds," the firm, which owns Speedtest app, said in a report.

India's performance in fixed broadband download speeds has gone up from average speeds of 18.82 megabit per second (mbps) in November 2017 to 20.72 mbps in February 2018; however, it remains below global average download speed of 42.71 mbps, as per the Ookla's Speedtest Global Index.

"India's rank in terms of mobile internet download speed remains same at 109th but average download speeds have risen to 9.01 mbps in February from 8.80 mbps in November last year," the report said.

As per the index, global average mobile broadband download speed was 22.16 mbps in February. "The country captured the second slot in terms of showing most improvement in mobile data speeds," the report said.