European countries brace for record heatwave

European countries brace for record heatwave

Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic hit their highest ever recorded June temperatures on Wednesday - with more records anticipated to fall as the heat continues to rise in the coming days.

Some nations, including France and Switzerland, are expected to see levels above 40C (104F) on Thursday.

France’s meteorological agency, Météo-France, tweeted that the country posted its hottest June day on record Wednesday, with an average high of 94.8 degrees (34.9 Celsius).

In Germany, a weather station in Berlin soared to 101.5 degrees (38.6 Celsius) Wednesday afternoon, becoming the hottest temperature recorded in the country during June.

Poland set its June temperature record, with a high of 100.8 degrees (38.2 Celsius) in Radzyń in the eastern part of the country. The Czech Republic also appears to have set a new June record with a temperature of 102 degrees (38.9 Celsius) in Doksany to the northwest of Prague.