The biggest challenge to the PTI government in Pakistan

The biggest challenge to the PTI government in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – International journal Bloomberg reveals the biggest challenge facing PTI government in Pakistan.

Bloomberg said that economic crisis are waiting for Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan is all set to become 11th Prime Minister of the country.

Bloomberg has issued a report detailing the challenges faced by Pakistan.

It says that in the current scenario, the country will need $10-15 billion loan from International Monetary Fund (IMF), whose attainment will be a difficult stage as the organization will implement the reforms agenda that includes privatization and addition in tax net.

Economic growth may be affected from IMF programme, it added.

Bloomberg report maintains that the rising deficit of the released accounts will be a problem for the government.

The new government has to support the depreciation of the falling foreign exchange reserves, it urged.

In address to the nation Imran Khan talked on plummeting economic indicators and cited concerns over depleting forex reserves and foreign investment. He vowed that mass-reforms will be introduced. “We will craft policies in collaboration with the business community”, added Khan.