25th Constitutional Amendment bill moved in National Assembly

25th Constitutional Amendment bill moved in National Assembly

ISLAMABAD: (APP) National Assembly on Thursday passed two bills as two other bills were moved to the House for adoption.

Minister for Law and Justice, Zahid Hamid moved both the bills to the House that were passed unanimously.

The first bill `the central law Officers (Amendment) Bill 2016' was passed by the House to amend Central Officers Ordinance 1970. This bill was returned to National Assembly by the Senate with amendments.

The other bill `the Pakistan Climate Change Bill, 2016' was adopted by the House to meet Pakistan's obligations under international conventions relating to climate change and address its effects.

The Law Minister also moved `the Constitution (25th amendment) bill 2017 to the House besides `the Compulsory Teaching of the Holy Quran Bill 2017' that is meant for making teachings of the Holy Quran compulsory for Muslim students at educational institutions.

Moreover, four reports of Standing Committees on different bills were also presented to the House for legislation.

The bills for which reports of the committees were presented to the House by the respective Chairmen of Standing Committees included `the Explosive Substances (Amendment) Bill 2016; the Limited Liability Partnership Bill 2016; the National Commission on the Rights of the Child Bill 2016; and the Illegal Dispossession

(Amendment) Bill 2016.'