Pakistan's mangoes to make entry into US

Pakistan's mangoes to make entry into US

LAHORE: (APP) American people will be able to taste world's most delicious mangoes, exported from Pakistan, this season.

"The US government has made gamma irradiation of food products a must for importing them to its markets, while Pakistan lacks any such facility. Now three US states have installed Gamma Radiation Processing Plants and they will do irradiation on their own," a senior official of the Punjab Agriculture Department told APP here on Monday.

He said that this has provided an opportunity for Pakistani mango exporters to enter markets of US states of Texas, Iowa, Mississippi where these plants have been installed.

Pakistan is sixth largest mango-producing country in the world and many of its exporters have planned to enter the US markets this season.

He said that only in Punjab province, there are mango gardens on 271,700 acres of land and they produce 1.28 million tonnes of mangoes every year.

He said that there is a huge demand for Pakistani mangoes in the US markets.

He said that Pakistani exporters can capture the US markets by ensuring continuous supply of mangoes.

He advised the would-be exporters of mangoes to the US this season to supply their produce on attractive rates to compete with other mango-supplying countries.