Top model beaten up for wearing too bold outfit

Top model beaten up for wearing too bold outfit

MOSCOW – Dinagul Tasova, a fashion model from Kazakhstan, shared on social media that she was beaten up by a person close to her over a revealing dress that she wore at Fashion Night Astana.

Commenting on this development in an Instagram post featuring photos of herself covered in bruises, the model insisted that no matter how racy her outfit was at the fashion show, she was merely doing her job, further inquiring whether her actions warranted the pain and humiliation she endured.

“I’ve decided for myself that I won’t remain silent. No one should be allowed to lay a hand on the weak and those who cannot protect themselves”.

The model also wrote, vowing to make a stand against domestic violence and cruelty towards women and children in the country.

Tasova’s statement evoked a mixed reaction on social media: while some offered her their sympathies, others continued to criticize the model for her behavior at the runway.