Interest of superpowers changing in Afghanistan

Interest of superpowers changing in Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD - Situation in Afghanistan always directly affects Pakistan. Pakistan is the only country, which seriously wants peace in Afghanistan. The other stakeholders have not much interest in the solution of Afghan issue than Pakistan, Analysts have said.

The United States has given a role to India to keep an eye on China. India is using Afghan soil for financing terrorism in Pakistan. It is interest of the all stakeholders that US troops leave Afghanistan.

The share in the government affairs to Taliban will also bring a positive change in the entire situation, and this will I think straight the affairs in the war torn country.

Pakistan is an important stakeholder in the Afghan reconciliation process. All the major super powers are playing their role in Afghan issue, and this situation can affect neighboring country any time. Now the interest of super powers is changing in Afghanistan.

The peace in Afghanistan will strengthen the economic situation. We should not act on policies of any other country; a neutral role in Afghan situation is in our interest.

As far as Afghan situation is concerned, Pakistan is playing a role of facilitator in Afghan situation. Pakistan is major stakeholder in the Afghan situation.

The Afghan Government should establish good relations with Pakistan. It will be positive and welcoming if all the stakeholders resolve Afghan issue through negotiations. Regional countries should be included in talks for the solution of Afghan crisis; it will further increase confidence in other stakeholders.

Afghan leadership should hold talks with Pakistan seriously and like a trustworthy friend.