AJK President warns India to desist from foolish act of attacking AJK, GB , Aug 27, 2020

AJK President warns India to desist from foolish act of attacking AJK, GB , Aug 27, 2020

        ISLAMABAD- MIRPUR (AJK):Azad Jammu &  Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan Wednesday warned India of dire consequences if it commits the foolish act of attacking Azad Kashmir or Gilgit Baltistan because the inhabitants of the territories are the descendants of those who had defeated not only the army of Maharaja but also the Hindu terrorist groups and liberated these regions in 1947.

"If repeated the mistake of attack, the descendants of Captain Hussain Khan and other martyrs and the valiant people of Poonch region will turn the whole area into a graveyard of Indian Army and the RSS," he cautioned, AJK President office said Wednesday night.

Addressing as the chief guest at a function held at the headquarters of the freedom war of 1947 Miral Gala near Banjosa, he said that If India under a conspiracy had not landed it's military in Kashmir in 1947, the whole Jammu and Kashmir state would have been liberated and made part of Pakistan.

He warned India to stop repression in occupied Kashmir and refrain from hurling threats of war to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, otherwise, the youth of Azad Kashmir particularly the people of Poonch who are imbibed with the spirit of 1947, would repeat history. He maintained that the people of Jammu and Kashmir have been fighting the war of freedom for the last 200 years, and their war would continue till complete freedom from the slavery of the aliens India.

The AJK President said that despite the difference of opinion among our elders and some youth, the whole Kashmiri nation is unanimous to play its role for the liberation of Kashmir. In addition, he continued, 220 million Pakistani people also stand by us while the AJK youth are ready to join Pakistan Army to take the Kashmir liberation movement to its logical conclusion.

Sardar Masood Khan said that Pakistan had fought six wars on Kashmir during the last seven decades, and today too, Pakistan is suffering because of Kashmir issue and is not ready to give up supporting the Kashmiri people.

Khan said that courageous people of Indian Occupied Jammu and are fighting for their right to -self-determination against a far bigger country for the last many decades but have refused to step back from their fundamental rights. Indian forces are unable to suppress the determination of Kashmiris despite the use of all kind of brutal force. United Nations, he maintained must fulfil its obligation by implementing its resolution on Kashmir and preventing India from changing the demography of the territory

Addressing the function, former AJK President Sardar Mohammad Yaqub Khan urged the people of Azad Kashmir to rise above all kinds of differences and prejudices for the liberation of occupied Jammu and Kashmir and to frustrate the nefarious designs of India against Pakistan and Azad  Jammu & Kashmir.

He particularly thanked the incumbent AJK president for gracing the occasion and expressed the determination that such functions pay homage to the martyrs of 1947 would be organized in future also.

The function was addressed among others by Captain Hussain Khan, Freedom Movement chief Sardar Jannat Hussain, Jamaat Islami leader Sardar Zahid Rafiq Advocate, Chairperson Capt Hussain Khan Freedom Movement (Women's wing) Khula Khan, Capt Hussain Shaheed's grandson Sardar Ayub Khan, and Nabila Irshad advocate.