Chinese workers in Pakistan: Special security guards for protection

Chinese workers in Pakistan: Special security guards for protection

LAHORE: (APP) A programme is being launched to provide world class training to security guards for protection of Chinese working on different projects in Punjab.

Retired army officers are being engaged for the training, an official of Punjab home department told APP here on Saturday.

He said that 3rd party certification mechanism would also be arranged to ensure quality and standard of the training programme.

He said that the training programme of security guards would be implemented in an organized and professional manner.

After completion of the training, refresher courses would also be arranged for guards with the passage of time, he added.

Scope of this training programme will also be extended to the personnel presently working on security duties in different phases, he added.

He said the government attaches great importance to the security of the Chinese and other foreigners and no compromise would be made in this regard.

He said that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CEPC) was lifeline for economy of Pakistan. That is the reason the concerned authorities would leave no stone unturned for the security of Chinese and other foreigners working on CPEC projects, he added.