Baluchistan Assembly stands against Altaf Hussian

Baluchistan Assembly stands against Altaf Hussian

QUETTA: (APP) The Balochistan Assembly unanimously adopted a condemnation resolution against London based self-exiled MQM leader, Altaf Hussain for delivering a highly provocative speech against Pakistan while addressing his party workers.

The assembly session was held with Speaker, Ms. Raheela Hameed Khan Durrani in chair, here Saturday.

Provincial Home Minister, Mir Sarfaraz Bugti on behalf of Chief Minster, Nawab Sanaullah Zehri, Health Minister, Mir Rehmat Saleh Baloch, Minister for Agriculture, Sardar Aslam Bezinjo, Advisor to Chief Minister, Sardar Raza Baraich, Advisor to Chief Minister, Mir Amanullah Notezai, MPAs-Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran, Haji Muhammad Islam, Mir Asim Kurd, Manzoor Ahmed Khan, Mir Khalid and Ms. Husan Bano Rakhshani moved the condemnation resolution.

It reads that use of abusive and derogatory language by Altaf Hussain against Pakistan was an act of treason. "The derogatory speech of Altaf Hussain hurt feelings and emotions of 200 million Pakistanis and made them grieved and angry," the resolution said.

The resolution further said the house also strongly condemned attack on media houses carried out to affect freedom of press.

The mover said the controversial speech of Altaf Hussain hurt feelings of 200 million Pakistanis. "The abusive and derogatory language used by Altaf Hussain against our beloved country is not tolerable," he said. He demanded trail of Altaf Hussain under Article 06 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

The speaker put the resolution to the house which passed it unanimously.