Imran lashes out at PM Nawaz over Panama Papers issue

Imran lashes out at PM Nawaz over Panama Papers issue
ISLAMABAD: While lashing out at Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan said that PM should explain himself over off shore companies accounts instead of black mailing political opponents over Panama leaks.


As per details, Imran elaborated on social media twitter that Jahangir Tareen has made it clear in documentary form that he did not write-off any loan from banks and he would take action against those who are  labelling  fabricated allegations on him.


Imran said in tweet message that Jahangir Tareen has given documentary proofs of no loan write offs and will be seeking legal action against those hurling false accusations against him.


PML-N is in the government and if they have evidences of any wrongdoing against any one they should probe and prosecute not blackmail opponents. Imran stated.


He further added that it is the typical strategy of Sharif family, when their wrongdoings are exposed, they target political opponents through blackmailing tactics.