Saudi Prince MBS launches yet another unique mega project master plan

In Saudi Arabia's mountainous region of Al-Soudah, Saudi Crown Prince and Prime Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman has initiated a new project called the "Masar Plan" to introduce luxury mountain tourism.

At the highest peak in Saudi Arabia, the "Al-Soudah Peaks" project aims to establish a luxury tourist destination, extending to parts of the Al-Soudah region and the Asir region.

According to international reports, the goal of the "Qimm Al-Soudah" project is to create a luxury mountain resort at the highest point of a 3,015-meter-high mountain above sea level.

This southwestern region of Saudi Arabia, Asir, is a unique area with its distinct cultural and natural beauty, and the project aims to develop parts of Al-Soudah and Rijal Alma to modernize them.

The Saudi Crown Prince has stated that "Qimm Al-Soudah" is an unparalleled project that will contribute to achieving the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.