Punjab Police Officer found involved in cross border drug trade with drones

Punjab Police Officer found involved in cross border drug trade with drones

In a recent development, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) finds himself suspended amidst allegations of complicity in an illicit cross-border drug trade facilitated by drones.The suspension was officially announced through a notification by Imran Kashmore, the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of investigation.

The DSP in question, identified as Mazhar Iqbal, has been implicated in a drug smuggling operation by the anti-narcotic force. Additionally, his residence has been sealed as part of the ongoing investigation, although unverified sources suggest that the former DSP may have managed to evade authorities and flee to a foreign destination.

The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) had previously filed a case against DSP Mazhar Iqbal and several other police personnel involved in the cross-border trafficking of narcotics through the use of drones. ANF Lahore initiated legal proceedings against the accused, primarily invoking section 9C and other relevant clauses that pertain to severe criminal offenses. Among those implicated in the case are four police officers, including Sub Inspector Mehmood, ASI Kashif, and head constable Shakeel.

Moreover, the investigation into this intricate web of criminal activity has revealed that a key individual named Fayyaz, known by the alias "Peepa," played a significant role in the cross-border drug smuggling operation.

Fayyaz is said to have been closely associated with DSP Mazhar Iqbal, raising further questions about the extent of their involvement in this illicit trade. This case underscores the increasing sophistication of illegal activities, as criminals harness modern technology, like drones, to further their unlawful enterprises.

As the investigation unfolds, it becomes evident that this suspension is merely the tip of the iceberg in a complex web of criminal activities involving multiple law enforcement officers and a network of drug smugglers.

The collaboration between drug traffickers and individuals within the police force highlights the challenges faced by authorities in combatting cross-border narcotics trade. It remains to be seen how the legal proceedings will unfold and what further revelations may come to light in this ongoing case.