Deal between Imran Khan and Establishment? Inside details revealed

Deal between Imran Khan and Establishment? Inside details revealed

Reports circulating about a potential agreement between the establishment and the PTI, the former ruling party, in the aftermath of the May 9 incident are unequivocally dismissed as utterly false, according to reliable sources. These sources shed light on the meetings conducted by Muhammad Ali Durrani, a federal cabinet member during Shaukat Aziz's tenure in Pervez Musharraf's rule, emphasizing that Durrani initiated these meetings on his own accord.

In the context of these developments, it becomes apparent that the PTI is endeavoring to convey an impression of reconciliation with the establishment through purported negotiations. Certain circles have propagated rumors that individuals responsible for the tumultuous events of May 9 may be granted leniency in exchange for a deal. This calculated campaign is primarily motivated by the desire to gain a political advantage before the distribution of tickets for the upcoming general elections.

Nevertheless, sources clarify that the architects, implementers, and overseers of the May 9 incident will not escape legal repercussions, reiterating the stance previously articulated by the military leadership under Chief of Army Staff Asim Munir. It was made abundantly clear shortly after the violent acts that the law would be enforced without compromise.

Looking back at this context, it becomes evident that those behind the orchestration of the May 9 events will not receive forgiveness, as sources vehemently respond to claims made by certain elements in mainstream and social media. These elements, either directly or indirectly, have sought to challenge this resolute stance.

In the immediate aftermath of the May 9 episode, the military leadership underscored the imperative need to hold the masterminds accountable for the violence. These masterminds had fomented a hate-filled and politically motivated rebellion against the state and its institutions, all with the nefarious intention of sowing chaos throughout the country.