Babar Azam's revelations on his conversation with Shadab Khan after Asia Cup disaster

Babar Azam's revelations on his conversation with Shadab Khan after Asia Cup disaster

Babar Azam, Pakistan's captain, shared insights into his candid conversation with Shadab Khan following the all-rounder's struggles in the recently concluded 2023 Asia Cup.

Speaking at a pre-departure press conference held in Lahore, Babar emphasized his commitment to supporting players like Shadab during their tough phases, underscoring the importance of standing by them even when they encounter performance setbacks.

"I had a one-on-one discussion with Shadab Khan regarding his performance, and I firmly believe in supporting performers like him, especially during their off-days. While we may not have been successful in taking wickets lately, these are the same individuals who have excelled in the past. I have faith in all of them," Babar stated during the Lahore press conference.

Babar believes that maintaining squad stability can ultimately lead to improved performance over time, drawing on past achievements as proof of this concept. He expressed confidence in the team's capacity to shine in upcoming tournaments.

"I don't make frequent changes, and when you keep the players together, they tend to perform better. We've performed well previously, and we're confident in our ability to perform well again," he added.

The captain also emphasized the significance of having a core group of players within the team, highlighting that around six to seven individuals serve as the backbone of the side.

"When you assemble a team, you know there's a core group of players. Six to seven players are the ones who can effectively get the job done. I'm aware of the core of this team and will aim for success," he concluded.