Son of Ex. Indian PM Lal Bahadur Shastri gifts six Pakistani flags for Quaid Residency

KARACHI: There are a lot of misconceptions about Pakistan but Pakistani people are very hospitable and loving. We have to work to end the misunderstanding between people of Pakistan and India. Senior Congress leader Anil kumar Shastri said during his visit at Quaid e Azam residency in Karachi. As per details, Anil Shastri is the son of ex. PM Lal Bahadur Shastri. It is his first visit of Pakistan. He donated six Pakistani flags for Quaid residency. “I respect (Mohammad Ali) Jinnah sahib very much,” Shastri said as he inspected belongings of Pakistan’s founding father at the museum. “I looked at his photos and observed his personality through them”. He also expressed his grievance over the condition of building and said it is a historical place it should be maintained properly. His wife and PML Q leader Haleem Adil Sheikh were also present with him. He further stated that his father residence in Indian city Varanasi had been converted into a museum and is maintained by Indian government.