Pakistan could not get a leader who could steer this country out of troubles: CJP Anwar Zaheer Jamali

QUETTA: Ruling authorities should take effective steps to eradicate the corruption from country. We will have to do self- accountability for the betterment of the system. CJP Anwar Jamali was addressing the ceremony of Baluchistan High Court Bar. While addressing the ceremony, he said we could not get a leader who could steer the country out of troubles. That’s is why we have to face a lot of problems. Allah Almighty has blessed this country with a lot of resources we should utilize these resources for the prosperity of Pakistan. He added. Our judicial system is stable and strong, which could be strengthened even further through self- accountability. “Criticizing others has become our national culture,” he remarked. The issue of missing person in Baluchistan was of great importance, he said adding that the courts were not unaware to the matter. All institutions should fulfill their responsibility for the country's progress. CJP stated.