Israel bans Palestinians from entering settlements

JERUSALEM: It was revealed on Monday evening that the Israeli security cabinet is studying plans to double the number of Hamas members arrested in the occupied West Bank in the wake of increasing attacks against Israelis, QudsNet has reported. The cabinet apparently also discussed expelling a number of Hamas and other faction leaders to the Gaza Strip, in addition to banning Palestinian workers from entering the illegal Gush Etzion settlement bloc and Rami Levi supermarket chain. Rising tensions in the Occupied Territories have led to dozens of deaths and hundreds of clashes. Israelis have sought to blame the unrest on religious incitement, Palestinians have pointed to Israel’s occupation and ongoing settlement program, no prospect of a political solution, and a deep sense of frustration and despair. According to the reports, the Israel Defence Force is planning to withdraw work permits from the families of Palestinians who carry out attacks against Israelis, in yet another example of collective punishment, which is illegal under international law. In addition, the IDF is planning to escalate security measures against Palestinian workers inside Israel. Reference: