India likely to be included in Nuclear Supplier Group by June 2016

NEW DELHI: Indian Diplomats have quietly launched a new push to induct India into a club of nuclear trading nations, but rather than increasing stability in South Asia, the move could escalate strains with rival Pakistan. The chairman of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) visited New Delhi recently to meet Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj as part of a diplomatic "outreach" that seeks to build a consensus to admit India at its annual meeting next June. Membership of the 48-nation club would bring India into the nuclear fold 41 years after it tested its first nuclear bomb, and give the nation of 1.25 billion a vested interest in curbing the world's most dangerous regional arms race. "It's a very delicate process, but I think there is less and less justification for the impasse," Rafael Grossi, the Argentinian ambassador to Vienna who heads the NSG. A seat at the NSG would strengthen India's geopolitical clout and help it capitalise on nuclear trade and technology transfer opportunities, while also raising concern in Pakistan. "India has a nuclear deal with the U.S., with France, it will soon have deals with Australia and Japan. So all this will of course complement its effort to get into NSG," said a senior Pakistani security official with knowledge of nuclear issues. Reference: Reuters