No more peace talks, Will retaliate: Taliban new Commander

No more peace talks, Will retaliate: Taliban new Commander

KABUL: No more peace talks, Will retaliate: Taliban new Commander

In an expected development Afghan Taliban new Commander Moulvi Haibutullah  Akhunzada has said that now there would be no more peace talks with either Afghan Government or the United Stated and Afghan Taliban would retaliate.

In an audio message released by the spokesperson of the Taliban being circulated in Afghanistan and some channels of international media, the newly appointed Taliban Commander has vowed to wage Jihad  against the foreign aggressors and their local supporters.

Just after the announcement of his appointment in even less than an hour Kabul rocked with the resonance of the suicide blast killing at least a dozen of Afghan Nationals.

Moulvi Haibutullah Akhunzada is famous for his hard and harsh stance once he was heading the top most judicial office in the Taliban Government till 2001.

The latest announcement by the Afghan Taliban is further going to deteriorate the security scenario in Afghanistan and the coming months are going to witness yet another worst kind of civil war and blood shed in Afghanistan.

The US drone strike in Pakistan on the Taliban Commander Mullah Akhtar Mansoor has raised serious concerns about the sincerity of the United States on the peace process. It was Mullah Akhtar Mansoor which allowed the Afghan Taliban delegation participation in the Quadrilateral Contact Group QCG peace process and eliminating him as virtually eliminated the peace process, at least in near future there does not seen any chance of peace process revival.