National Security Council Emergency meeting to be held

National Security Council Emergency meeting to be held

ISLAMABAD: (APP) National Security Council Emergency meeting to be held


Interior Minister Ch. Nisar said the US drone strike targeting Afghan Taliban leader was illegal as he was on Pakistani soil.


He said, "For the US government to say that whoever is a threat to them will be targeted wherever they are, which is against international law. Irrespective of who was target of the attack, the government strongly condemns the drone strike."


Nisar said Pakistani government condemns the US drone strike in Pakistan as it is also in contrast to the United Nations charter and the country's sovereignty.


He said a strategy to cater the issue shall be made after Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif's return to the country and that a meeting of National Security Council (NSC) shall also be held.


Replying to a question, he said peace in Afghanistan is possible through dialogue.


He said it was believed that Mansoor was a hurdle in negotiations whereas various phases of dialogue between Taliban and Afghan government were made possible and postponed with consensus that dialogue is the only solution.


He said the US drone strike would have serious implications upon relations between the United States and Pakistan. Such actions could adversely impact ongoing efforts by Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) for facilitating peace talks between Afghan government and Taliban.


Nisar said people should acknowledge how drone strikes have decreased in the recent years.


Responding to another question, he said, For the last 40 years now, more than 3 million migrants have reached Pakistan. Thousands of people cross the porous border on daily basis, however, "We are trying to improve the system by adopting different measures."