Idea Award Scheme introduced for govt. employees

Idea Award Scheme introduced for govt. employees

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Idea Award Scheme introduced for govt. employees


The Idea Award Scheme, which was introduced in 1961, aims at encouraging the federal government employees to put forward useful suggestions or ideas for the expeditious disposal of official business.


This scheme invites the serving and retired employees of the Federal Government to harness their knowledge, expertise and vision for the improvement and efficiency of the government functionaries.


In this scheme, the received suggestions/ideas are initially scrutinized by an internal departmental scrutiny committee and then by a standing committee comprising of secretaries cabinet, finance, establishment and Director General (PPARC), said a press release issued here on Wednesday.


This standing committee is the highest forum for recommending any idea to an award which may comprise issuing of a meritorious performance certificate as well as to a cash award up to Rs. 15,000/- to the author of a suggestion, if it is approved for implementation.


All serving and retired employees of federal government as well as employees of semi-autonomous or autonomous bodies under the federal government are eligible to give suggestions or ideas under this Scheme.


The employees should avoid different set of ideas at a time. Thus, the principle of one person one idea will be preferred.


The suggestions may comprise of improvement in the government machinery on efficiency, methods/procedures, systems, office lay-outs, equipment, cooperation, public relations, file working with new IT concepts like (e-filing) or through reducing/eliminating red-tapism, bottlenecks, duplication, waste, excessive costs, irregularities.


The suggestions related to personal grievance, service problems, changing in the set up of organizations.


The suggestions for legislation and enumeration of deficiencies in organization or measures for improvement in organization which are already well known will not be entertained.


Any employee interested to give a suggestion or idea for consideration under the Idea Award should spell out, concisely and clearly, one suggestion or idea.


Employee may elaborate the suggestion or idea with a sketch or drawing, where necessary.


The suggestions should be sent directly to the Director General, Pakistan Public Administration, Research Centre, Management Services Wing, Establishment Division, Rafi Center, G-7/1, Islamabad. Phone Office:051-9253072, Fax:051-9252880.