Conspiracies hatched against CPEC Project: Experts

PESHAWAR, May 26 (APP): Conspiracies hatched against CPEC Project: Experts


Time-tested friendship of Pakistan  and China is disliked by certain states and these intend to sabotage  the mega project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) for  their interests.


Director Pakistan Studies Centre, University of Peshawar  Professor Dr Fakhar ul Islam expressed these views while talking  to APP.


He said that the CPEC is an important and gigantic project  for both China and Pakistan and the leadership of both countries  is committed to make it a reality.


He said since the some powers are conspiring to sabotage  the project by any means including by creating unrest in Pakistan,  however, the time-tested friendship and trust between Pakistan  and China have foiled the nefarious designs.


Professor Islam, emphasizing upon political harmony and agreement over the project, said that CPEC would usher in a  new era of prosperity and economic development in Pakistan.


He said the political powers in Pakistan should shun criticism for the sake of criticism on CPEC and come up with positive suggestions and recommendations for successful implementation of CPEC in Pakistan.


Director General Institute of Policy Studies, Khalid Rehman, referring to new trends in ties between Pakistan and China, said that both the countries had always respected each otheres interests and their friendship has always stood of time.


The leadership of China always liked Pakistan from the core of their heart and every government in Pakistan did give top priority to its friendship with China.


He also suggested that the federal government should have to keep things straight on CPEC so that the reservations of all stakeholders could be addressed properly.


He warned that it would be very unfortunate if Pakistan could not get maximum advantage out of CPEC.


Professor Dr. Jehanzaib Khan of Abdul Wali Khan University told this agency that CPEC is reflection of expanded and strong bilateral relationship between Islamabad and Beijing that started in early 1950s.


He said CPEC is compilation of various projects to be initiated in Pakistan and would benefit the country largely, adding that establishment of new economic zones, investment in power sector, construction of new highways and modernize rail tracks and infrastructure development would change the destiny of Pakistan and its people.


Dr. Jehanzaib said Pakistan is strategically and geographically located on an important location on world map and CEPC could help a lot to address its internal as well as external challenges as the country would serve as link between China and world states.