US Embassy expansion in Islamabad comes under review

US Embassy expansion in Islamabad comes under review

*ISLAMABAD:* The Supreme Court (SC), on the 28th, is going to examine a report by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) on the US embassy’s plan to construct a seven-story office building together with a basement, according to a *local media outlet.*

The petition is now being taken up after two years as on March 21, 2016, the SC had sought a written explanation over the petitioner’s allegations regarding the alleged illegal construction of a hotel inside the embassy.

The plea was filed by Zafarullah Khan, a lawyer and chairman of Watan party in 2009, requesting the court to ask the government for verification of the accusation that a hotel was being constructed inside the US embassy .

The petitioner had requested the SC to stop the government from providing additional land to the embassy for the expansion. The embassy already occupies at least 38 acres in the diplomatic enclave.

According to the petitioner, this expansion could pose dangers to the national security.