Suicide Bombing kills 26 and injure 71 in southern Baghdad

Suicide Bombing kills 26 and injure 71 in southern Baghdad
BAGHDAD: Suicide bombing in a soccer stadium in Southern Baghdad killed at least 26 people and injured 71.


The suicide bomber blew himself up during a football match in the city of Iskanderiah which is 30 miles away from Baghdad.


No one claimed the responsibility yet but an ISIS affiliated new agency Amaq claimed that Daesh is behind the attacks.


Iskanderiah is a town of mixed Sunni and Shia population and also called “the triangle of death” due to severe sectarian violence in last decade.


The attack occurred just after the days of Iraqi announcement of recapturing town of Kubeisa in western Anbar province from ISIS with the help of Iraqi troops and Sunni tribal fighters.


Iraqi forces have launched ground operation with the coalition of US forces against ISIS in country’s 2nd largest city Mosul after retaking Ramadi.


US claimed that ISIS has lost 40 percent territory in Iraq and 20 percent in Syria after the ground offensive.


Analysts and US officials claimed that ISIS is losing ground battle and it can held insurgent style attacks in Iraq and other countries.


Recently, a multiple bombing in Brussels claimed by ISIS killed at least 35 people and left hundreds injured.