Pakistan's food security at serious risk by climate changes

Pakistan's food security at serious risk by climate changes

Steadily growing temperatures pose a serious risk to Pakistan's efforts for achieving sustainable food security and meet food needs of the rising population.

A climate ministry spokesman said the food availability scenario is further aggravated by changing weather patterns with recurring severe droughts and floods that affect the country's overall crop production.

Quoting a study, he said the temperature rise in Pakistan may exceed by about one degree Celsius by the end of this century.

He said the climate change will reduce wheat production by three point four to sixteen percent in different zones of the country.

Graver impacts of the global warming on the country's rice crop have also been predicted and rice crop yields are likely to register fall by twelve to twenty-two percent in almost all rice growing areas of the country by end of this century.

The water requirement of different crops including wheat and rice could register steep rise in coming decades on account of local impacts of global warming. 

The spokesman said the Ministry is preparing the farmers with the help of local agriculture and irrigation departments to deal with these delirious impacts of the climate change on agricultures.