Pakistan election 2018 results

Pakistan election 2018 results

ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan’s PTI was in the lead for Pakistan’s National Assembly seats, according to unofficial results.

The entire process suffered a set-back when the Election Commission’s electronic system developed a glitch that led to a two-hour delay in the announcement of the results.

The PPP, MQM and PML-N have all held press conferences, saying that there were irregularities.

Analysts said it would not be surprising if protests would be the next step.

There are 272 seats in the National Assembly but polling was done on 270 seats because polling was delayed in two.

The unofficial results coming in from polling stations are below.

The Election Commission of Pakistan will release the official results much later.

These are not exit poll results.

As of 8am, Imran Khan’s PTI was in the lead with 114 seats in the National Assembly. The PML-N has 64 seats and PPP 42. However, the final results have still not been released.

NA-1 Chitral: MMA’s Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali has a lead over PTI’s Abdul Latif.

NA-2 Swat-I: PTI’s Haider Ali Khan is leading over PML-N’s Amir Muqam.

NA-3 Swat: PTI’s Saleem Rehman is ahead with 29,252. ANP’s Abdul Kareem is second with 10,500 followed by PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif with 9,203 votes.

NA-4 Swat: PTI’s Murad Saeed is ahead with 11,351 votes, ANP’s Saleem Khan is second with 4,106 votes.

NA-5 Upper Dir: MMA’s Sahibzada Tariqullah is leading with 3,986 votes, against 3,123 of PPP’s Najmuddin Khan and 3,108 of Murad Saeed, in 23 polling stations.

NA-6 Lower Dir: PTI’s Mehboob Shah is leading over MMA’s Asad Ullah.

NA-7 Lower Dir: Unofficial results of 111 polling stations are in. PTI’ Muhammad Basheer Jan is leading with 25,777 votes. JI chief Sirajul Haq is second with 16,584 votes.

NA-8 Malakand: PTI’s Junaid Akbar is leading with 34,156. PPP’s Bilawal has 16,293 votes.

NA-9 Buner: PTI’s Sher Akbar has won with 31,854 votes. PML-N’s Kamran Khan got 20,608 votes. This is an unofficial result (2:56am)

NA-10 Shangla: ANP’s Sadeedur Rehman is leading with 12,560 votes, followed by 11,646 of PML-N’s Ibadullah Khan, and 11,276 of PTI’s Waqar Ahmed.

NA-11 Kohistan: PTI’s Aurangzeb is ahead of an independent candidate.

NA-12 Batgram: PTI’s Muhammad Nawaz Khan is leading with 14,167 votes and MMA’s Muhammad Yusuf has received 9,575 votes.

NA-13 Mansehra: An independent candidate, Saleh Muhammad, is leading over PML-N’s Sardar Shah Jehan Yousaf.

NA-14 (Mansehra-Tor Ghar): PTI’s Zar Gul Khan is leading over an independent candidate, Muhammad Sajjad.

NA-15 Abbottabad: PML-N’s Murtaza Abbasi is leading with 31,320 votes after unofficial results from 90 polling stations. PTI’s Ali Asghar is second with 25,460.

NA-16 Abbottabad: PTI leading over PML-N…

NA-17 Haripur: PTI’s Omar Ayub Khan is leading against PML-N’s Babar Nawaz Khan.

NA-18 Swabi: PTI’s Asad Qaisar is leading against PML-N’s Sajjad Ahmad.

NA-19 Swabi: Waras Khan (ANP) leading over PTI’s Usman Khan

NA-20 Mardan: Mujahid Ali of the PTI is leading over the ANP’s Gul Nawaz Khan, and the MMA’s Atta ur Rehman and the PML-N’s Akhtar Nawaz, and Nawabzada Khwaja M. Khan Hoti of PPP.

NA-21 Mardan: ANP’s Amir Haider Azam Khan has a lead over the PTI’s Muhammad Atif.

NA-22 Mardan: PTI’s Ali Muhammad has a lead over PPP’s Shoaib Alam Khan.

NA-23 Charsadda: QWP’s Aftab Ahmed Sherpao is leading over PTI’s Anwar Taj.

NA-24 Charsadda: PTI’s Fazal Muhammad Khan is leading with 2,508 votes. ANP chief Asfandyar Wali is second with 1,768 votes. These are the results from six polling stations only.

NA-25 Nowshera: PTI candidate and former KP chief minister Pervez Khattak is leading with 10,325, followed by PPP’s Khan Pervaiz, who got over 6,300 votes (9:58pm)

NA-26 Nowshera: PTI’s Imran Khattak is ahead of ANP’s Jamal Khattak.

NA-27 Peshawar: PTI’s Noor Alam Khan is leading with 21,274 votes. MMA’s Haji Ghulam Ali has 11,210 votes.

NA-28 Peshawar: PTI’s Arbab Amir Ayub is leading with 26,152 votes. MMA’s Sabir Hussain Awan has 8,209 votes.

NA-29 Peshawar: PTI’s Nasir Khan is leading with 11,505 votes. Naeem Jan of the MMA has 6,565 votes.

NA-30 Peshawar: PTI’s Sher Ali Arbab with 21,904 votes has a strong lead over MMA’s Najeebullah Khan who has 7,133.

NA-31 Peshawar: PTI’s Shaukat Ali is leading with 32,606 votes. Ghulam Bilour of the ANP is trailing behind with 14,924 votes.

NA-32 Kohat Shehryar Afridi of the PTI is leading over the MMA’s Gohar Muhammad.

NA-33 Hangu: PTI’s Khial Zaman is leading over MMA’s Atiqur Rehman.

NA-34 Karak: PTI’s Shahid Ahmed Khattak is leading over PML-N’s Rehmat Salam Khattak.

NA-35 Bannu: PTI chief Imran Khan is leading with 9,467 votes against MMA’s Akram Khan Durrani, who secured 7,149 votes, according to the result of 33 polling stations.

NA-36 Lakki Marwat: MMA’s Muhammad Anwar is leading over PTI’s Ishfaq Ahmad Khan, according to initial results.

NA-37 Tank: MMA’s Asad Mehmood is leading against an independent candidate, Dawar Khan Kundi, according to initial results.

NA-38: Dera Ismail Khan: PTI’s Ali Amin Gandapur is leading with 10,000 votes. MMA’s Maulana Fazlur Rehman is losing from his home constituency.

NA-39 DI Khan II: MMA’s Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman is leading with 3,869 votes against 3,451 for the PTI’s Sheikh Yaqoob, according to the results of 20 polling stations.

NA-40 Tribal Area I (Bajaur): Sardar Khan, an independent candidate is leading over PTI’s Guldad Khan, according to initial results.

NA-41 Tribal Area-II (Bajaur): PTI’s Gul Zafar Khan is leading against an independent candidate, Majeed.

NA-42 Tribal Area-III (Mohmand): Independent candidate Bilal Rehman is leading with 5,168 votes against the PTIs 3,425 votes.

NA-43 Tribal Area IV (Khyber): PTI’s Noor Ul Haq al Qadri is leading with 32,000 votes against 25,000 of Alhaj Shah Jee Gul Afridi, according to the result of 150 polling stations.

NA-44 Tribal Area V (Khyber): Attaullah Khan of PAL is leading against an independent candidate, Karam Shah.

NA-45 Tribal Area-VI (Kurram): Munir Khan of the MMA is leading against an independent candidate, Fakhar Zaman.

NA-46 Tribal Area-VII (Kurram): Syed Iqbal of the PTI is leading against the PPP’s Sajid Hussain Turi, according to initial results.

NA-47 Tribal Area-VIII (Orakzai): An independent candidate Noor Shaheed Khan is leading against another independent, Khadim Hussain.

NA-48 Tribal Area-IX (North Waziristan): Mohsin Javed, an independent candidate, is leading over MMA’s Misbah Uddin.

NA-49 Tribal Area-X (South Waziristan): MMA’s Muhammad Jamal Ud Din is leading over an independent candidate, Sher Pao.

NA-50 Tribal Area-XI (South Waziristan): Muhammad Ilyas, an independent candidate, is leading over another independent, Jumma Khan.

NA-51 Tribal Area-XII (FR): MMA’s Abdul Shakoor has won with 20,065 votes. PTI’s Qaiser Jamal secured 18,335 votes. This is an unofficial result.

NA-52 Islamabad: Tariq Fazal of the PML-N is leading with 726 votes. PPP’s candidate is at second position with 522. These are the results from three polling stations.

NA-53 Islamabad-II: PTI chief Imran Khan is leading with 7,440 votes, and former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is second with 3,010 (9:51pm)

NA-54: Islamabad: PTI’s Asad Umer is ahead with 11,067 votes. These are the unofficial results from 36 polling stations (10pm).

NA-55 Attock: PTI’s Tahir Sadiq is ahead with 16,681 votes, followed by PML-N’s Sheikh Aftab with 8,239 votes.

NA-56 Attock: PTI’s Tahir Sadiq is ahead with over 16,000 votes, followed by PML-N’s Suhail Khan with 2,401 votes.

NA-57 Murree: PTI’s Sadaqat Abbasi is leading with 53,755 votes. PML-N’s Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is in second position with 47,321 votes (3:09am)

NA-58 Gojar Khan: PPP’s Raja Pervez Ashraf is leading with 41,000. PTI’s candidate is behind with 31,000 votes (2:44am)

NA-59 Rawalpindi-III: PTI’s Ghulam Sarwar is leading with 16,200 votes, followed by Chaudhry Nisar with 8,000 votes, according to results of 61 polling stations.

NA-62 Rawalpindi: AML president Sheikh Rashid Ahmed is leading from his home constituency (21,071). PML-N’s Daniyal Chaudhry is second with 12,998 (45 polling stations) (10:25pm).

NA-63 Rawalpindi: PTI’s Ghulam Sarwar leading with 10,656 votes. Chaudhry Nisar has 4,813 votes. These are the results from 23 polling stations.

NA-64 Vihari: Unofficial results from 35 polling stations are in. PTI’s Chaudhry Tahir Iqbal is leading with 9,325 votes. PML-N’s Tehmina Dolatana is second with 6,980 votes.

NA-65 Chakwal: PML-N’s Pervez Ellahi is ahead with 89,415 votes.

NA-67 Jhelum: PTI’s Fawad Chaudhry is leading with 55,648 votes, followed by PML-N’s Raja Matlob.

NA-68 Gujrat: PML-Q’s Chaudhry Hussain Elahi is leading with 2,192 votes, followed by PML-N’s Chaudhry Mubashir with 835 votes.

NA-69 Gujrat: PML-Q’s Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi is leading with 40,768 votes. PML-N’s Mubashir Hussain is second with 16,180 votes. Results are from 133 polling stations.

NA-70 Gujrat: PTI’s Fayzul Hasan is leading with 15,171 votes. PML-N’s Jaffer Iqbal is second with 7,431 and Qamar-uz Zaman Kaira of the PPP is third with 5,110 votes.

NA-71 Gujrat: PTI’s Chaudhry Ilyas has won by securing 89,545 votes. PML-N’s Chaudhry Abid Raza received 81,300 votes.

NA-72 Sialkot: PML-N’s Armaghan Khan Sanjrani is ahead with 56,047 votes. PTI’s Firdous Ashiq Awan is second with 27,099 votes. These are unofficial results from 129 polling stations.

NA-73 Sialkot: Khawaja Asif of the PML-N leading with 2,500 votes. Usman Dar of the PTI is at second position with 2,000 votes.

NA-77 Narowal: Mehnaz Akbar, wife of PML-N leader Daniyal Aziz, is leading with 21,724 votes. PML-N fielded Mehnaz after Aziz was disqualified by the supreme court.

NA-78 Narowal: Ahsan Iqbal of the PML-N is leading with 64,569 votes. PTI’s Abrarul Haq is second with 32,784. These are the unofficial results from 132 polling stations.

NA-81 Gujranwala: PML-N’s Khurram Dastgir is leading with 33,550 votes. PTI’s Chaudhry Muhammad Siddique has 22,410 votes so far…

NA-87 Hafizabad: PTI’s Shaukat Ali Bhatti is ahead with 15,433 votes. PML-N’s Saira Afzal Tarar is following with 9,432 votes. These are unofficial results from 40 polling stations.

NA-88 Sargodha: Results from 12 polling stations show PTI’s Nadeem Afzal Chan leading with 2,238 votes. PML-N’s Mukhtar Ahmed has 1,585.

NA-93 Khushab-I: PML-N’s Sumaira Malik is leading with 7,049 votes against 4,700 votes for PTI’s Malik Umar Aslam Khan, according to initial results.

NA-94 Khushab: PTI’s Malik Ahsan Tiwana has won with 90,123 votes. PML-N’s Malik Shakir Bashir received 74,505 votes. This is an unofficial result.

NA-95 Mianwali: PTI chief Imran Khan is leading with over 25,000 votes, followed by PML-N’s Ubaidullah who secured 6,999 votes. These are results from 23 polling stations (9:45pm)

NA-102 Faisalabad: PTI’s Nawab Sher is leading and PML-N’s Talal Chaudhry is trailing with 57,500 votes.

NA-106 Faisalabad: PTI’s Nisar Jutt is leading and PML-N’s Rana Sanaullah is at second with 57,005 votes.

NA-108: PML-N’s Abid Sher Ali is ahead with 65,680 votes.

NA-110 Faisalabad: PTI’s Raja Riaz is leading with 31,059 votes. PML-N’s Rana Muhammad Afzal is behind with 27,957 votes. These are the unofficial results from 96 polling stations.

NA-114 Jhang: Independent candidate Aleeshah Iftikhar is leading with 4,695 votes. Former federal minister Faisal Saleh Hayat is trailing with 38,111 votes.

NA-115 Jhang: ASWJ’s Ahmad Ludhyanvi is leading with a 10,279 votes, followed closely by PTI’s Ghulam Bibi Bharwana with 10,164 votes (10:34pm).

NA-117 Nankana Sahab: Independent candidate Tariq Bajwa is leading with 36,681 votes. PML-N’s Birjees Tahir is second with 30,445. These are results from 112 of 315 polling stations.

NA-119 Sheikhupura: PTI’s Rahat Amanullah is leading with 31,157 votes. Rana Afzal of the PML-N is following with 25,330 votes.

NA-120 Sheikhupura: PML-N’s Rana Tanveer is ahead with over 25,000 votes, followed by PTI’s Ali Asghar with 12,889 votes. These are unofficial results from 50 polling stations.

NA-124 Lahore: PML-N’s Hamza Shehbaz is in the lead with 71,685 votes.

NA-125 Lahore: PML-N’s Waheed Alam is leading with 64,833 votes. PTI’s Yasmeen Rashid is behind him with 57,940 votes

NA-126 Lahore: PTI’s Muhammad Hammad Azhar is leading with 58,997 votes. PML-N’s candidate is behind him with 56,532 votes (3:05am)

NA-127: PML-N’s Ali Pervez Malik is leading with 13,000 votes. PTI’s Jamshed Cheema has 10,000 votes (30 polling stations).

NA-129 Lahore: PML-N’s Ayaz Sadiq is maintaining his lead with 56,970 votes. PTI’s Aleem Khan is not far behind with 13,750 votes. These are unofficial results from 42 polling stations.

NA-130 Lahore: PTI’s Shafqat Mehmood is leading with 41,051 votes. PML-N’s Khawaja Ahmed Hasan has 33,176 votes.

NA-131 Lahore: Imran Khan is leading with 39,475 votes. PML-N’s Khwaja Saad Rafique has secured 38,774 votes.

NA-132 Lahore: PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif is in the lead with 28,896 votes.

NA-142 Okara: Chaudhry Riazul Haq of PML-N is leading with 45,647 votes. PTI’s Rao Sikandar Hasan got 22,454 votes. These are the results from 100 polling stations of the constituency.

NA-144 Okara: Independent candidate Manzoor Wattoo is ahead with 52,461 votes.

NA-145 Pakpatan: PML-N’s Ahmed Raza Maneka is leading with 107,063 votes. PTI’s M. Shah Khagga is following with 54,938. These are unofficial results from 255 polling stations.

NA-156 Multan: PTI’s Shah Mehmood Qureshi has won from NA-156. He got 93,497 votes. PML-N’s Amir Saeed Ansari secured 73,529 votes. This is an unofficial result.

NA-157 Multan: A tough fight between the PTI and PPP. Zain Qureshi of PTI is leading with 8,432 votes. PPP’s Moosa Gillani is following closely with 8,203 votes.

NA-158 Multan: The PPP’s Yousuf Raza Gillani is ahead with 37,099 votes.

NA-169 Bahawalnagar: After polling results from 19 polling stations, Noorul Hasan Tanveer of the PML-N is leading with 6,578 votes. Ijazul Haq is second with 4,371 votes.

NA-171 Bahwalpur: PTI’s Naeemuddin Warraich is leading with 14,780 votes. Riaz Pirzada of PML-N is second with 11,850 votes. These are unofficial results from 48 polling stations.

NA-181 Muzaffargarh: PTI’s Mustafa Khar is behind with 21,518 votes.

NA-182 Muzaffargarh: Jamshed Dasti is ahead with 20,934 votes.

NA-184 Muzaffargarh: Jamshed Dasti is behind with 18,046 votes.

NA-185 Muzaffargarh: Jamshed Dasti is trailing with 18,046 votes.

NA-191 DG Khan: Unofficial results show Zartaj Gul of PTI ahead and Sardar Owais Laghari of the PML-N trailing behind with 12,349 votes.

NA-192 Dera Ghazi Khan: Sardar M Laghari of the PTI is leading with 22,947 votes. PML-N’s Shehbaz Sharif is trailing with 16,224 votes. These are unofficial results from 59 polling stations.

NA-193 Rajanpur: PTI’s Sardar Muhammad Leghari is leading with 928 votes. PML-N’s Shehbaz Sharif with 524.

NA-198 Shikarpur: According to unofficial results, PPP’s Abid Hussain has won. He received 66,129 votes. Independent Dr Ibrahim came second with 53,389 votes.

NA-200: Larkana: MMA’s Rashid Soomro is leading with 4,931 votes. PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto is behind with 3,675.

NA-204 Ghotki: Independent Abdul Haq is leading with 15,000 votes. Another independent, Mian Mithu, is behind with 7,000 votes

NA-213 Nawabshah: Unofficial results from 160 polling stations show PPP’s Asif Ali Zardari is leading with 48,577 votes. GDA’s Sher Muhammad Rind is second with 20,161 votes.

NA-221 Chahchro Thar: PTI’s Shah Mehmood Qureshi is leading with 22,291 votes. PPP’s Yusuf Talpur is second with 18,521. These are unofficial results of 74 polling stations.

NA-229 Badin: GDA’s Hassam Mirza is leading with 2,718 votes. PPP’s Ghulam Ali is behind with 1,821 votes in seven polling stations.

NA-231 Sajawal: According to unofficial results, Ayaz Shah Sherazi of PPP has won. He secured 80,725 votes. MMA’s Molana Muhammad Saleh got 7,956 votes.

NA-232 Thatta: PPP’s Shamsun Nisa Memon is leading with 68,079 votes. PTI’s Arsalan Brohi got 7,657 votes. These are the unofficial results of 190 poling stations.

NA-236 Karachi: Unofficial results of 73 out of 197 polling stations are in. PPP’s Jam Abdul Karim is leading with 28,722 votes. PTI’s Dr Masroor Siyal is second with 8,954 votes.

NA-238 Karachi: PPP’s Rafiullah is leading with 6,475 votes. Hafiz Aurangzaib of the PRHP is second with 4,292 votes.

NA-239 Karachi: PTI’s Muhammad Akram is leading with 11,499 votes. MQM’s Suhail Mansoor is following in second with 10,320.

NA-240 Karachi: MQM’s Iqbal Muhammad Ali is leading with 9,789 votes. PTI’s Farrukh Manzoor received 5,277 votes.

NA-241 Karachi: MQM’s Muhammad Moeen Amir Pirzada is leading with 7,444 votes, followed by PTI’s Faheem Khan who has 6,384 votes.

NA-242 Karachi: PTI’s Saifur Rehman is ahead with 6,597 votes. PPP’s Muhammad Iqbal is second with 2,649.

NA-243 Karachi: Unofficial results from 24% of polling stations show that PTI chief Imran Khan is leading with 33,509 votes. MQM’s Ali Raza Abidi is second with 9,742 votes.

NA-245 Karachi: PTI’s Dr Amir Liaqat Hussain is leading with over 21,338 votes. Farooq Sattar of the MQM is trailing behind with 11,836 votes. 

NA-246 Karachi: PTI’s Abdul Shakoor is leading with over 15,000 votes in PPP’s heartland of Lyari. PPP co-chairman is behind on second spot with 11,646 votes.

NA-247 Karachi (Defence, Clifton): PTI’s Arif Alvi is leading with 31,202 votes. MQM’s Farooq Sattar is trailing with over 8,452 votes.

NA-249 Karachi (Baldia): Faisal Vawda is in the lead and PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif is behind with 8,762 votes.

NA-256 Karachi (Nazimabad, Paposh) PTI’s Najeeb Haroon is leading with over 29,000 votes. MQM’s Waliuddin Chishti is second with over 14,000 votes.

Voter turnout clocked in at over 45%, reports SAMAA correspondent Abbas Shabbir quoting sources in the ECP. It was 55.02% in 2013.

We are updating this spreadsheet in Google Drive to show how parties are winning — however the final figures will be revised once ECP’s official numbers are in:

There are 270 seats whose results will come in.

Correction: Rajanpur was incorrect for NA-192. It is DG Khan

Correction: NA-246 was incorrectly written as NA-146.

Balochistan results (incomplete):

PB-13 Jafferabad: PTI’s Umar Khan Jamali has won with 17,250 votes. He is the son of former PM Zafrullah Khan Jamali. BAP supported independent Rahat Faiq Jamali (15,120 votes).

Sindh results (incomplete):

PS-51 Umerkot: PPP’s Sardar Ali Shah has won with 55,118 votes. GDA’s Jadim Mangriyo got over 27,000 votes. This is an unofficial result.

PS-74 Badin: According to unofficial result of 84 polling stations, PPP’s Ismail Rahu is leading with 30,562 votes. Dr Zulfikar Mirza is trailing with 17,721 votes.

PS-75 Sajawal: According to unofficial results, PPP’s Shah Hussain Sherazi has won with 27,626 votes. MMA’s Molvi Muhammad Ismail came second with 9,741 votes.

PS-78 Thatta: According to unofficial results, PPP’s Ali Hasan Zaidi has won. He secured 50,103 votes. The runner-up is PTI’s Zaib Nayazi with 4,460 votes.

PS-80 Sehwan Sharif: According to unofficial results, former Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah has won. He secured 42,442 votes. These are the results from all 157 polling stations. SUP’s Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah secured 17,499 votes.

Sindh has a total of 168 seats.

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa results (incomplete):

PK-11 Upper Dir: PPP’s Sahibzada Sanaullah has won. He secured 18,900 voted. MMA’s Azam Khan was second with 12,015 votes.

PK-22 Buner: ANP’s Sardar Babak has won. He secured 21,918 votes. This is an unofficial result.

PK-23 Shangla: PTI’s Shaukat Yousufzai has won with 16,571 votes. PML-N’s Muhammad Irshad has 12,219 votes. This is an unofficial result.

PK-66 Peshawar-I: PTI’s Mehmood Jan with 6,130 has a lead over MMA’s Hashmat Khan, who has 3376 votes. These are results from 33 polling stations.

PK-67 Peshawar-II: PTI’s Arbab Muhammad Wasem Khan is leading with 4,660 votes, while Razaullah Khan of the PPP has 2,392 votes. These are result from 28 polling stations.

PK-68 Peshawar-III: PTI’s Jehandad Khan is leading with 5,922 votes. PPP’s Malik Tamash Khan has 3,392 votes.

PK-69 Peshawar-IV: PTI’s Syed Muhammad Ishtiaq is leading with 7,351 votes. Independent candidate Arbab Muhammad Usman Khan has 6,860 votes.

PK-70 Peshawar-V: PTI’s Shah Farman is leading.

PK-71 Peshawar-VI: PTI’s Shah Farman is leading with 5,699 votes. PML-N’s Sifat Ullah has 2,389 votes.

PK-77 Peshawar-XII: PTI’s Kamran Bangash is leading.

PK-83 Hangu: According to unofficial results, PTI’s Shah Faisal has won with 10,500 votes.

PK-84 Hangu: According to unofficial results, PTI’s Zahoor Shakir has won.

QWP candidate Babar Ali Khan for PK-60’s cousin has succumbed to his injuries. He was shot by ANP candidate Mairaj Ud din in Miagan, tehsil Shabqadar, Charsadda over polling.

Punjab results (incomplete):

PP-11 Rawalpindi: Chaudhry Muhammad Adnan has won, Raja Arshad Mehmood of the PML-N has come second, announced the ECP but said it was still an unofficial result.

PP-12 Rawalpindi: PTI’s Wasiq Qayum Abbasi has defeated the former interior Chaudhry Nisar. Abbasi got 27,315 votes.

PP-14 Rawalpindi: PTI’s Muhammad Basharat Raja won. He secured 52,247 votes. PML-N’s Usama Tanveer Chaudhry came second with 31,856 votes. This is an unofficial result.

PP-147 Lahore: PML-N’s Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman has won. He secured 69,031 votes. PTI’s Tariq Saadat got 30,596 votes. This is an unofficial result.

PP-161 Lahore: PML-N’s Faisal Ayub has won. He secured 30,987 votes. TLP’s candidate came second with 3,936 votes. This is an unofficial result.

PP-184 Okara: Najam Sethi’s wife Jugnu Mohsin has won in each one of the 162 polling stations.

PP-192 Pakpatan: PML-N’s Naveed Ali has won with 30,633 votes. PTI’s Azmat Chishti received 20,593 votes. This is an unofficial result.