Afghanistan endgame: Pakistan has done it's job, says Pakistan Army Spokesperson

Afghanistan endgame: Pakistan has done it's job, says Pakistan Army Spokesperson

*ISLAMABAD: Spokesperson of the armed forces, Director General Inter Services Public Relations Major General Asif Ghafoor on Saturday said that Pakistan had done its job of bringing Afghan Taliban to the negotiating table.*

In an interview with an Arab news paper, Asif Ghafoor asserted that the Afghan Taliban were not excluding Pakistan from US-led talks being held in Doha.

He said that Pakistan was only a facilitator and had fulfilled its task of bringing Taliban to the table and said that the outcomes of Doha dialogs would ascertain the future of Afghanistan.

Asif Ghafoor said that Kabul government was not capable to eliminate the sanctuaries of terrorists in the country. He said, “Pakistan has always remained relevant and will continue to be relevant and when the U.S. leave Afghanistan, it will leave acknowledging Pakistan’s role in ending the conflict. Our relationship shall further strengthen.”

He said that US, as a friendly country, should fulfill its promise to quit Afghanistan and added that it should not be tug of war for power in Kabul after the withdrawal of US forces.

Earlier, the United States and Taliban officials had agreed over the US troops pullout from Afghanistan in their extended round of talks in Qatar, an American media report said on Saturday.

US-Taliban talks in Doha, Qatar entered the sixth day today. The US agreement pertaining to pulling out troops from the war-torn Afghanistan would likely to be announced today, the report had said.

It further relayed that representatives of Pakistan and hosts Qatar also attended the dialogue.