AJK Police saves city from disaster

AJK Police saves city from disaster


Azad Jammu and Kashmir Police claims to have averted a big disaster in the state after seizing huge cache of explosives.

Officials in Azad Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday claimed to have thwarted a major terrorist plan after they arrested two suspects and recovered 80 kilogrammes of explosive material from a house.

A third suspect, police said, had managed to flee.

According to Kamran Ali, the senior superintendent of police (SSP) in Bagh, police received a tip-off about two suspects living in a rented house in Nomanpura, Bagh district of AJK , some 120km from Muzaffarabad.

Police raided that location and arrested the suspects, identified as Raes Gul and Muslim Khan. Both hailed from the Dargai area of Malakand in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

“We have been trying to track where the two suspects managed to procure the explosive material and who was the main supplier,” SSP Ali said.

“A third suspect, Abdullah Khan, who escaped from the scene during the raid is still at large,” he added.

“A special police party is searching to arrest him.”

The official added that of the 80kgs of explosive material which they recovered, around 50kgs were in a state where they could be used immediately.

Regarding the source of the explosives, he said that the mining and road construction sectors use explosives to blast through large rocks. However, these sectors are highly regulated and every kilogramme of the explosive is recorded and accounted for, he explained.