Ali Raza Abidi assassination: Arrested guard makes revelations before Police

Ali Raza Abidi assassination: Arrested guard makes revelations before Police

KARACHI - New developments have been reported in the assassination case of the slain MQM leader Ali Raza Abidi.

Guard of the former assassinated MNA Ali Raza Abidi on Wednesday breaks before the police and make new revelations.

He said that he was unable to load the gun despite several attempts, during the firing incident that took place outside the house of the slain politician on Tuesday night.

This was revealed by him in his video statement, recorded to the police.

“Neither company nor Ali Raza Abidi asked me to check the working of the gun at least ones, since assuming his duty,” the guard said in his statement to the police.

I was appointed as a security guard at Bungalow of Ali Raza Abidi some 55 days ago, the guard continued.

Describing the incident of shootout, the guard said when he opened the door of the bungalow on the horn of Mr Abidi, he saw a man was firing at him, “I tried to load my gun by leaving the door, but failed in doing so,” the statement said.

Few moments later of the attack, Ali Raza Abidi was lying on the seat of his vehicle after being hit by several bullets.

He said he was never asked to check the gun by the company, through which he was appointed nor by his master [Ali Raza Abidi].

The guard of the slain leader’s residence was taken into the custody, Senior Superintendent (SSP) of district South Karachi, Syed Pir Muhammad Shah, said.

Speaking to mediamen, the SSP South informed that the politician was attacked right in front the of his residence on Tuesday night by two assailants, meanwhile, the security guard at the gate rushed inside as the assailant opened fire at Abidi.