PM Spokesman terms Altaf Hussian traitor

PM Spokesman terms Altaf Hussian traitor

ISLAMABAD (APP): Spokesman to the Prime Minister Dr Musadik Malik Thursday said the traitor of Pakistan could not be forgiven and anybody siding with him would have to be seen with the same eye and held accountable.

"The statement of MQM leadership in Pakistan to dissociate from Altaf Hussain can be trusted in its face value but the party will have to prove it with its acts. If they will fail to do it, we shall have to shut down the MQM," he said in a PTV programme.

"We have nothing to do with it whether the MQM continues with Altaf Hussain as its chief or not. This has to be decided by the party. But, if they go along a traitor, they will beconsidered the same," he added.

Musadik Malik said how it was possible that anybody speaking against Pakistan and inciting people to violence could be forgiven."How can we sit idle if anybody challenges the state of Pakistan.

The government is taking up this issue locally and internationally and will take it to logical ending."

He said anybody who raised slogans would have to face the law. It was a limit that a person from the United Kingdom was trying to create chaos inside Pakistan. "Our forces are laying lives for peace and security in Pakistan and the region and somebody from abroad is speaking against our state and institutions.

The British government must understand this."

He said Pakistan expected that its voice would be heard seriously. "Altaf has delivered the speech as a British citizen and we hope that the British government would move against him as per their law."

Answering a question about removing Altaf Hussain's posters from Karachi, Musadik Malik said, "It makes no difference whether Altaf Hussain is a Quaid or not. But, when anybody will speak against Pakistan why people will not remove his posters and pictures from Pakistan's streets."

He said Farooq Sattar's statement could be trusted on face value because a party could not be condemned on spiteful remarks by one person. "We cannot say the whole party is traitor. But, the MQM leadership in Pakistan will have to prove their claim because anybody siding with a traitor, will be considered a traitor."

The spokesman said,"If we bracket those Karachiites with Altaf Hussain who are patriotic, then it will be unjust. The Karachi people, who are patriotic and love Pakistan, cannot be deprived of their right to peace and progress."

He said anybody, who desired to lead those people, would have to win their confidence by serving them because nobody could be allowed to rule Karachi by attacking others.

"We do not want to alienate the Karachi people from political system. But, we are clear in our mind that anybody siding with a traitor, shall be held accountable. And if the MQM decides so, people will throw it away," he added.