Yet another honour for the Pakistani skipper Babar Azam

Yet another honour for the Pakistani skipper Babar Azam

AB de Villiers, the former captain of the South African cricket team, has voiced his admiration for the talented Pakistani batsman, Babar Azam, whom he considers one of his favorite players participating in the highly anticipated 2023 ODI World Cup hosted in India. Speaking candidly on his YouTube channel, de Villiers showered praise on Azam, acknowledging the young cricketer's exceptional skills and innate talent, predicting that he will be a pivotal game-changer for the Pakistan team in the upcoming tournament.

Furthermore, de Villiers expressed his belief that Babar Azam, serving as the captain across all formats for Pakistan, will undoubtedly emerge as one of the leading run-scorers during this mega cricket event.

Citing Azam's invaluable experience and seasoned expertise in the sport, de Villiers confidently asserted that the Pakistani skipper possesses the capability to amass a substantial number of runs throughout the course of the World Cup, signifying his vital role in Pakistan's campaign.

De Villiers went on to extol Babar Azam's multifaceted contributions to the team, highlighting not only his prowess with the bat but also his role as a leader within the Pakistani cricket squad. The former South African captain's admiration for Azam's cricketing prowess reinforces the notion that the Pakistani skipper is poised to make a significant impact on the World Cup stage, not only as a batsman but as a guiding force for his team.

Interestingly, de Villiers is not the only former cricketer to sing Babar Azam's praises. Just last week, Gautam Gambhir, a prominent former Indian cricketer, also expressed his profound admiration for Azam, hailing him as the premier batter of the current era. This widespread recognition from cricketing legends underscores the universal appeal of Babar Azam's cricketing abilities and sets high expectations for his performance in the 2023 ODI World Cup.