Two Pakistani women raped and video filmed

Two Pakistani women raped and video filmed

In a deeply disturbing incident that unfolded in Hafizabad, two women became the victims of abduction and sexual assault at the hands of a man who deceptively offered them a ride to the hospital.

The individual responsible for this heinous crime has been identified as Aslam, who reportedly employed a sinister method to incapacitate the victims. Aslam allegedly administered intoxicated rice to the women, effectively drugging them before perpetrating the harrowing acts.

The two victims, one of whom is pregnant, are now grappling with dire consequences due to an overdose. They had been en route to the hospital, seeking medical attention, when they accepted Aslam's offer of assistance. Completely unaware of his malicious intentions, these unsuspecting women found themselves ensnared in a nightmare, subjected to abduction and sexual assault.

What compounds this horrific ordeal is the fact that the accused recorded the assaults and used this footage as a means of intimidation. He threatened the victims with the release of these damning videos should they dare to report the incident to the police. Despite these menacing threats, the courageous women displayed remarkable resilience by filing a formal complaint with local authorities, fervently demanding justice.

The videos documenting these unspeakable acts have since gone viral on social media platforms, inciting widespread public outrage and mobilizing calls for swift and decisive action to be taken in response to this grievous violation of human rights.