Nawaz Sharif to be arrested upon arrival: Interior Minister

Nawaz Sharif to be arrested upon arrival: Interior Minister

Federal Interior Minister Shehryar Afridi has said that they are prepared for the arrest of Nawaz Sharif. He mentioned that no major force is required to arrest a suspect from an aircraft. Speaking on a private TV channel ARY News program, he mentioned that Nawaz Sharif had been arrested with his daughter in the past as well.

He is the only leader who is afraid of arrest. Bias or something else, everyone knows that the PMLN chairman is afraid of arrest. He stated that the airport is a sensitive place, and they won't allow any gathering there. If Nawaz Sharif does not get bail from the courts, they will arrest him. In my opinion, Nawaz Sharif himself might want to get arrested. The Interior Minister mentioned that Pakistan has become a soft state.

Shehryar Afridi said that whoever was involved on May 9th is being sent for trial, as elections are approaching, and it cannot be tolerated to let go of those involved in the May 9th events. He also said that due to elections, no one can be spared; there is a system in the country. Those who conspired on May 9th should be punished. Cases regarding the PTI chairman are ongoing, and the courts will decide.

He stated that the PTI chairman is being provided facilities according to jail rules. The PTI chairman is a former Prime Minister, and he should get facilities in jail. The PTI chairman is a darling of the courts; he has received relief in many cases. In the past, the state has always played the role of a mother; for the first time, it is playing the role of a father. The state should always play the role of a father, not maintain a soft attitude.

He mentioned that he was not part of any deal nor did he know about any deal. People are talking about deals; they can discuss it. Compromises are a good thing, but it also matters with whom you compromise. He said that the Prime Minister's statement has been taken out of context. In Pakistan, former Prime Ministers have gone to jail. against Pakistan took place on May 9th.