FIA makes a big breakthrough in May 9 riot cases against Imran Khan

FIA makes a big breakthrough in May 9 riot cases against Imran Khan

In Lahore, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has officially confirmed the authenticity of the videos depicting arson attacks and vandalism that took place on May 9. The FIA's report, comprising digital and social media evidence, has been delivered to the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) responsible for investigating the widespread unrest.

Sources within the JIT disclosed that they had forwarded more than 400 social media links and related footage of the incidents to the FIA. However, JIT officials have indicated that they are awaiting the report from the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) regarding the televised footage on various channels. The PEMRA report is expected to arrive shortly, and once it does, the case files will be submitted to the court.

It's worth noting that last week, the Punjab police filed charges of 'criminal conspiracy' against PTI leader Imran Khan and other named individuals in all cases registered in the province related to the May 9 events. These cases involve incidents such as arson attacks on the Lahore corps commander's residence.

Officials have reported a total of 50 cases registered under anti-terrorism and other relevant laws. Dr. Anoosh Masood Chaudhry, the Senior Superintendent of Police (Investigation) in Lahore, mentioned that the prosecution and law enforcement have been awaiting final reports from the FIA and PEMRA concerning the videos and other evidence linked to those responsible for planning and carrying out the May 9 incidents.

Furthermore, she noted that all objections raised by the prosecution have been addressed in the case files, which will be presented in the courts once they receive the reports from both the FIA and PEMRA.