Another shocking news for Apple iPhone 15 users

Another shocking news for Apple iPhone 15 users

Apple's latest release, the iPhone 15 Pro, appears to be a mixed bag of improvements and drawbacks. One notable advancement is the introduction of a back glass panel that is designed to be more repair-friendly. However, this commendable feature is overshadowed by a significant flaw – the newfound fragility of the back glass. Reports from various online durability tests and user feedback indicate that this glass is susceptible to breakage.

In a comprehensive durability test conducted by the well-known YouTuber JerryRigEverything, the vulnerability of the iPhone 15 Pro's back glass was starkly demonstrated. The video showcases just how easily the glass can crack, leaving users concerned about its durability. Additionally, a separate drop test video highlighted that the phone can shatter even from a relatively low fall, such as pocket height.

Further examining the phone's durability, another YouTuber, Zack, undertook his customary scratch test. While the titanium frame displayed vulnerability to scratches when subjected to a knife's metal tip, the matte back proved to be relatively resilient, as it has been in previous iPhone iterations.

However, the most unexpected and concerning revelation came during the bend test. It was a revelation that not even Zack himself anticipated. In an era where modern phones are expected to withstand considerable bending, the iPhone 15 Pro Max exhibited an alarmingly low resistance to such forces. Zack, the YouTuber, expressed his astonishment, noting that in his 11 years of durability testing, iPhones have rarely exhibited such fragility, making the snap of the iPhone 15 Pro Max during the bend test notably quick.

In summary, while the iPhone 15 Pro introduced some commendable features like a more repair-friendly back glass, it also disappointed with its newfound fragility, as evidenced in durability tests. This raises concerns about the phone's ability to withstand everyday wear and tear, marking a departure from Apple's reputation for producing highly durable smartphones. As consumers weigh the pros and cons, it remains to be seen how this development will impact the iPhone's standing in the highly competitive smartphone market.