Another setback to female PTI Leaders

Another setback to female PTI Leaders

The prosecution team responsible for combating terrorism has taken the decision to contest the approval of bail for individuals implicated in the Jinnah House attack case.

Among these suspects is Sanam Javaid, and others who were granted bail in the case. According to reliable sources, the prosecution anti-terrorism intends to initiate legal action by filing a petition in the High Court to challenge the bail granted to these accused individuals.

As part of the preparatory process, consultations are currently underway within the prosecution team to draft a comprehensive petition outlining the grounds for challenging the bail approvals.

The legal petition will be formally submitted to the High Court once the certified decision from the Anti-Terrorism Courts, where the bail was approved, is obtained.

It's worth noting that previously, the Anti-Terrorism Courts had granted bail to a total of nine suspects, including prominent names such as Sanam Javaid and Rubina Jameel.

The decision to contest this bail approval signifies the prosecution's commitment to ensuring that individuals implicated in cases related to terrorism face legal proceedings in accordance with the law.