Islamabad Police special homicide unit formed

Islamabad Police special homicide unit formed

ISLAMABAD (APP): Islamabad police have formally appointed 30 officers including six Inspectors having good academic qualification and professional approach in the Specialized Homicide Investigation Unit .

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The unit formally inaugurated by IGP Islamabad Tariq Masood Yasin will be provided resources to investigate the cases. A total of five new vehicles have been provided to the unit while investigation officers will be provided required amount in cash for investigation purpose and to be also given latest Crime Scene Investigation kits.

Initially, the officials of this unit will sit in CIA Branch of Islamabad police and will be provided separate set-up later.

The purpose of establishing new unit is to expedite the investigation process by using latest forensic and scientific techniques and curb the practice of involving innocent through biased approach.

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The element of corruption or nepotism during investigation process, if any, would be rooted out through introduction of this new unit which would work in a transparent manner for justice to people at their door step.

To ensure justice, impartiality and efficiency, all officers for this unit are selected on basis of educational qualification (Graduation) and scrutiny by Special Branch for integrity and honesty, the IGP said adding that they are being trained in various courses relating to evidence collection, preservation of crime scene and completion of legal proceedings.

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This new unit will be given access to use forensic and scientific techniques and they would work professionally for justice to people. To ensure proper handling of workload, each officer will investigate only 20 murder cases in a year and he could not be assigned any other job.

IGP in his inaugural address expressed the hope that all selected investigation officers will perform their duties honestly and professionally for the success of this unit being termed as revolutionary step towards specialization of investigation.

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