Modern system being introduced to stop power theft: Minister

Modern system being introduced to stop power theft: Minister

Minister for Energy Omar Ayub Khan has said Advanced Metering Infrastructure system and Aerial Bundled Cables will be installed to control power theft.

In an interview, he said this system will not only stop energy theft but also ensure real-time meter reading.

The Minister said Power Division had chalked out a plan to control electricity theft and increasing capacity of generation and transmission of electricity.

He said the Power Division is engaging with the provinces on creation of special task forces with the support of provincial governments, local authorities and law enforcement agencies for crackdown against electricity theft.

The minister said ABC cable, which had a capacity to stop any kind of electricity theft, would be installed initially in the premises of IESCO, PESCO and LESCO and the cost for that project had been estimated at 900 million dollars.

He said the Asian Development Bank would finance the project.

He said the steps would not only reduce power theft but also lead to decline in the circular debt.