DTH Technology: What it is?

DTH Technology: What it is?

ISLAMABAD: What is DTH Technology which has been introduced in Pakistan very recently?

The DTH technology enables a broadcasting company to directly beam the signal to your TV set through a receiver that is installed in the house. There is no need for a separate cable connection.

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In this a dish is placed outside a home which helps in receiving the signals and broadcasting the transmission onto a television.

The signals are digital by nature and are received directly from the satellite. The digital signals provide optimum quality in all features and make viewing an absolute pleasure.

Features like 1080i resolution, 16:9 Wide Aspect Ratio, 5 Times Digital Picture Quality and HDD Sound add to the incredible experience of television viewing.

With DTH, you will also be able to view High Definition (HD) channels, more number of dth channels and you can customize the package as per your choices.

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There are also widespread complaints of piracy of foreign channels by some of the local cable TV operators as well as individuals.

Establishment of DTH service with proper authorization is expected to eliminate such gray market activity to a large extent.