Pakistan Economic Survey 2016-17: Highlights and Summary

Pakistan Economic Survey 2016-17: Highlights and Summary

ISLAMABAD, May 25 (APP): Following are the highlights of Pakistan Economic Survey for the year 2016-17 unveiled by Minister of Finance Muhammad Ishaq Dar here on Thursday.

– Country’s overall economic growth rate recorded highest 5.28 per
cent in nine years, while last year it was 4.51 per cent.

– The agriculture sector accounts for 19.53 per cent of GDP and
42.3 per cent of employment.

– Agricultural sector recorded a positive growth of 3.46 per cent against the growth of 0.27 per cent last year.

– Cotton Ginning witnessed growth of 5.59 per cent against the negative growth of 22.12 per cent in previous year.

– Livestock growth was recorded at 3.43 per cent against 3.36 per cent las year.

– Growth of forestry sub-sector increased by 14.49 per cent as
compared to growth of 14.31 per cent last year.

– Fisheries sector registered a growth of 1.23 per cent compared to growth of 3.25 per cent.

– Industrial sector growth recorded 5.05 per cent in outgoing fiscal year as compared to 5.8 per cent last year.

– Growth of overall Manufacturing is registered at 5.27 per cent compared to 3.66 per cent last year.

– Large Scale Manufacturing growth improved to 4.93 per cent from 2.94 per cent last year.

– The construction sector has registered a growth of 9.05 per cent
against the growth of 14.6 per cent last year.

– Mining and quarrying sub-sector witnessed a growth of 1.34 per cent against the growth of 6.86 per cent last year.

– Electricity generation and distribution and gas distribution registered growth of 3.4 per cent against 8.43 per cent last year.

– Economic growth rate registered 5.28 per cent against 4.51 per
cent which is the highest in 9 years.

– The total volume of GDP has crossed $300 billion.

– Agriculture sector growth improved to 3.46 per cent against 0.27 per cent last year.

– Gross Public Debt Ratio improved to 59.3 per cent to GDP from 60.2 per cent to GDP last year.

– Policy rate remained at 5.75 per cent which is lowest rate in 45 years.

– Pakistan Stock Exchange has been ranked the fifth best performing
stock market in the world in 2016.

– CPI based inflation rate averaged 4.1 per cent

– Manufacturing sector growth registered 5.27 percent compared to
5.8 per cent last year.

– FBR tax collection increased from Rs 2,590 billion in FY15 to Rs 3,112 billion in FY16.

– Fiscal deficit narrowed to 4.6 per cent in FY16 from 8.8 per cent in FY13.

– Per capita income increased to $1629 from $1333 last year.

– Education enrolment estimated to reach 47.834 million by end 2016-

– Currently there are 1,201 hospitals, 5,802 dispensaries and 5,518 basic health units as compared to 1,171 hospitals, 5,695 dispensary
and 5,478 basic health units last year.

– During July-March (2016-17), installed capacity increased to 25.1 million MW from 22.9 million MW during same period of last year.

– Current expenditures during July-March (2016-17) stood at Rs
4,383.6 billion against Rs 3,971.3 billion during same period of last year.

– Expenditures on pro-poor sectors increased to Rs 2,694.7 billion during 2015-16, which was 9.3 per cent of GDP.

– Services sector witnessed growth of 5.98 per cent against 5.55 per cent last year.

– Total investment recorded growth of 11 per cent.

– Total investment increased to Rs 5,027 billion in FY17 from Rs
4,527 billion in FY16.

– National Savings remained at 13.1 per cent of GDP in FY17 against 14.3 per cent in FY16.

– FDI posted growth of 12.75 per cent during July-Apr, in FY2017.

– Wheat production increased to 25,750 thousands tons in 2016-17 as compared to 25,633 thousands tons in last year.

– Rice production increased by 0.7 per cent, sugarcane 12.4 per cent
and maize production 16.3 percent during FY 2016-17.