Mangroves, marine life in coastal areas threatened by pollution

Mangroves, marine life in coastal areas threatened by pollution

KARACHI: (APP): The growing pollution in the coastal areas of Sindh is threatening the growth mangroves as well as the marine life in the area.

This was informed at a briefing arranged for the Senate Standing Committee on Climate Change here during a visit on Wednesday.

Senator Mir Muhammad Yousaf Badini, chairman of the committee, presided.

Senators Sitara Ayaz, Saleem Zia, Ahmad Hassan and Samina Abid attended the meeting.

The Chief of the Forest Department Sindh, Riaz Ahmed, and Director of Sindh Environmental Protection Agency , Naeem Ahmed Mughal, gave briefing on the occasion.

They informed that the growing pollution in Sindh was threatening the mangroves and the marine species in the coastal areas .

A world record of sapling of mangroves that still persist were planted in 2013.Some 70 percent of the mangroves then planted have now grown up.

The Senators were of the view that concerted efforts should be made for the protection of our coastal belt.

The discharge of the required quantity of water in to the sea was also essential for countering the problems such as the soil erosion by the sea.

The Committee also appreciated the performance of the Forest Department as well as the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency .

It called for holding special awareness programme in educational institutions to foster tree plantation to help make the country greener.

The Federal Secretary Climate Change , Ahmed Abu Akif, and other officers also attended the meeting.


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