Imran Khan speaks out on issue of drone strikes 

Imran Khan speaks out on issue of drone strikes 

BUTTGRAM: PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that government has miserably failed to fulfill its responsibility to stop drone attacks in Pakistan and government behavior shows that government is ready to compromise on this issue to stay in power.

While addressing an inauguration ceremony of power plant in Buttgram here at today, Imran made it clear that drone attacks are against Pakistan integrity, UN Charter and international humanitarian law .

Taliban are targeted by USA in drone attacks but they take revenge from Pakistan. Imran added.

He further added that PM Nawaz used to make tall claims against drone attacks when he was in opposition but now he is ready to compromise over this issue for his government.

While condemning the drone attack in Noshaki area of Baluchistan, Imran Khan termed it failure of Nawaz government.

Talking about the issue of Panama leaks , Imran stated that Panama Papers have exposed Sharif family and now they are giving different statements regarding their assets and offshore companies abroad.

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