SBP denies rumors of issuing Rs 10,000 banknote

SBP denies rumors of issuing Rs 10,000 banknote

KARACHI:The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has categorically denied a news item circulating in a section of social media regarding issuance of Rs 10,000 banknote.

The existing banknote denominations satisfactorily meet the payment, settlement and other allied needs of the economy and thus there is no need for issuing higher denomination banknotes, said a press release of SBP here on Friday.

The general public is advised not to pay heed to such rumors and check the authenticity of any news item related to banknotes on the SBP website and its social media accounts.

SBP regularly updates its website and social media pages and any news item associated with SBP can be verified from these sources, it added. APP/AFP

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