John Kerry convinces Sergei Lavrov on Syrian Peace Talks 

John Kerry convinces Sergei Lavrov on Syrian Peace Talks 
MOSCOW: US Secretary of State John Kerry convinced his Russian counterpart Sergie Lavrov on Syrian Peace Talks to end the 5 years old conflict.


Kerry claimed that unprecedented ceasefire in Syria with the efforts of US and Russia has reduced violation in Syria.


He claimed that there are more things to be done to end humanitarian crises.


“We both know that more needs to be done in terms of both the reduction of violence and the flow of humanitarian goods,” Kerry told Lavrov.


Kerry said “Great powers like Russia and US can cooperate with each other regardless of the disputes between them in certain files.”


Kerry also wished him for his upcoming birthday; he said “I hope it will bring you extra wisdom, in our conversation.”


Kerry also met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and hold talks on Syria peace process and to expand humanitarian aid assistance in the besieged areas.


Russia is the main ally of Bashar al-Assad and also played a crucial role in the ceasefire.


US and Russia formed a 17-nation group to end Syrian conflict which has killed more than 260,000 people and millions have become homeless.